2016 Halldor Pro Model

I went all in on a weird looking paint camo combo with orange. I've always been stoked on that combo and figured it was time to make that go down! This board has a asymetrical 3BT which gives a little more uplift on the toeside which makes it easier to stomp big tricks. I really wasn't sure about this thing before I tried it, but after I rode it for a day I thought it was the sickest thing for riding park and would be killer for slope-style contests. It really is a board that works for everything. -Halldor Helgason


Soft/Playful Medium Stiff/Aggressive


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite

Asym 3BT
Our Asymmetric 3BT shaping is a twist on our twin design that better balances your body's build on the board with a shorter edge uplift area on the heelside, which offers better heelside stability. The toeside edge, where you have more control and leverage over the board, has a longer uplift section for a loose, playful feeling. The board shape remains completely twin;it's only the uplift that is asymmetrical.

- Asymmetrical nose and tail shape
- Asymmetrical sidebase uplift - Wide centerbase


153 156
contact length (cm)115 118
waist width (mm) 250 253
setback (mm) 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.80 8.00
inserts 24 24
stance width (mm) 505-625510-630